Playlist Rotation Top 21

Playlist Rotation Top 21

These tracks are currently the latest that I’ve been listening to the past few weeks. I love trawling other websites and finding music which literally brings music to my ears-the beats, rhythms and lyrics make an impact on me somehow. Search these on Youtube for a listen, then download it from somewhere…legal ocourse! Listen Up!

21 ) Aaron Carter ft. Flo Rida-Dance With Me – I know what you’re thinking…Aaron ‘I Want Candy’ Carter…well he’s all grown up, and even though you might think of Flo Rida as a sell out, the song works in a commercial pop/rnb’s quite catchy and Aaron Carter has a nice slight husky voice.

20 ) DJ Diamond Kuts ft. Ron Browz, Nicki Minaj & Latif-Strippin In The Club (Radio Edit)- This is an interesting collabo…on one hand you got Ron ‘Ether Boy’ Browz doing his autotune thing and then you have Nicki Minaj who has a British accent or something and even does an Australian accent…this song is kinda all over the place but you can’t help but sing about girls strippin in the club.

19 ) Jesse McCartney ft. T Pain-Body Language- Why are all these pop artists hooking up with rnb/hip hop artist? This is another mainstream song aimed to widen Jesse’s bubblegum pop audience to something different…but I like it and it works- I enjoy T Pain’s little harmonies here and there…although Jesse singing about a girl “breaking it down articulately” is a bit funny

18 )Trazz ft. Drake-All They Wanna Talk About- Cute beat reminds me of some kind of old Nintendo style instrumental with a bass overlay…Trazz calling Victoria’s Secret ‘Vicky’s Secret’? No no leave the name…but apart from that it’s all good even down to the deep morphed voice saying the same thing over and over again.

17 )Get Cool ft. Petey Pablo-Let Me C It- I can imagine a dance battle to this song…I’m pretty sure this song samples a bit of Ciara-Goodies which Petey ‘Freak-A-Leak’ Pablo went in on too.

16 )Elephant Man-All Night Affair- Elephant Man samples the melody from Jay Z and Rihanna’s ‘Run This Town’- for the chorus only. It’s a nice dancehall twist and this definitely gets the hips swaying.

15 )Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz-I Can Transform Ya- Sounds like a mechanical influence with a slight guitar rift in there. Something different from the usual Chris Brown stuff…took me a few listens to get used to it, but I get it now.

14 )Three Six Mafia-Shake My Ass- Not much to this song other than a girl shaking her ass in a club-sounds hoochie-like but this song gets into your head…can definitely see this playing in a club.

13 )Drake ft. Marleik-Can We Be- Not sure who Marleik is but he has a good sound…and we all know who Drake is- he does most song’s proud and this is one included…a nice laidback song you can chill to.

12 )Sean Paul ft. Keri Hilson-Hold My Hand-A cute song with a Carribean-love style beat…this pairing works and fills me with lots of love and rainbows and unicorns…a song for couples for sure.

11 )Yung Ram ft. Dez-Weekend- A relaxed song to chill to as well…talking about chilling on the weekend after a busy week. The collabo works nicely and also uses the infamous autotune ofcourse!

10 )Pitbull ft. Honorebel- I Wanna- Sampling a bit of Ludacris’ ‘Let Me Be Your Fntasy’ this song is this perfect song to go down on. Fun under the sheets with this song which doesn’t need to hide anything…it’s all out there what you should do! Pitbull tells you in a whisper  ‘I wanna touch you/kiss you/ freak you/fuck you/lick you/tease you/please you/suck you/i wanna make you come!”…I wonder who he’s singing this to?!?!

9 )50 Cent ft. Ester Dean-Hard Rock-  Ester Dean is a singer-songwriter and shes gonna be hot-definitely keep a watch on her! Another commercial song…not really meaningfull but I like her voice in here although there is an autotune influence once again…but she wants you to know that you can touch wherever you want but please don’t touch her ass…must be worth a lot?

8 )Jay Sean ft. Sean Paul & Lil Jon-Do You Remember- Another repeptitive yet catchy rnb tune…this song is fine with Jay Sean and Sean Paul but wtf is with Lil Jon doing? I don’t tknow why he is in on this…all he does is scream ‘hey!’ ‘let’s go!’ and ‘bring it back!’…was he supposed to make the song not look like candy rnb-which I’m not against? Overall good song, except they should get rid of Lil Jon sorry.

7 )Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem-Forever- Drake kills it again- he makes this track. Simple beat and every verse makes it-wouldn’t cut anything out. Love Drake when he sings soft-but he never does it live!

6 )Lil Wayne ft. Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, Jae Millz & Lloyd-Bed Rock- Kinda corny, but funny with the line “Call me Freddy Flinstone/I can make your bed rock”…this tune is awesome with the simple oriental strumming influence…Lloyd does what he does…sweet and soft harmonies…love this but this song has far too many verses or is that just me?

5 )Plies ft. Keri Hilson-Medicine (2nd Version Edit)- The new doctor’s anthem haha…this version is better than the original which was too sugary and sweet….this one has a little extra sumfin that makes it. I’ll take medicine from Plies anyday if he keeps spitting verses like this (except he ain’t the prettiest guy out there so maybe not in person) and Keri makes beautiful on her part.

4 ) Chris Brown -So Cold- This track is amazing! Can’t help listening to it. You might think it’s some typical rnb tune to chuck into a backroom but its sad in a way. Is it to Rihanna? Who knows-unless Chris says it himself! But there would be a lot of speculation.  Here he talks about how its so cold without someone and he misses them and wants them to come back. Massive heartwarmer.

3 ) Kevin Cossom ft. Snoop Dogg-Relax- One for cruising in the car or trying to get down when your in the mood. Kevin Cossom knows what to do with his voice and kills it in this one- beautiful softness. Snoop Dogg is good in this song too but KC wins.

2 ) 50 Cent ft. Ne-Yo-Baby By Me (Remix)- There are two versions of this. One is on 50’s new album ‘Before I Self Destruct’ which features  Jovan Dais   (whom I’ve never heard of) , but the version with Ne-yo is to be released for radio.  Sampling one of his own song’s ‘I Get Money’ 50 does this song good-this will bring him back commercially for sure, opening up his fan base even further. Try to not listen to this on repeat-its so hard!

1 ) Ester Dean ft. Chris Brown-Drop It Low- Woooooo I wanna hear this in the club…this is a perfect club banger for Ester Dean as a first release plus having Breezy in on it too adds that X Factor. Everyone get’s ‘Low’ to Flo Rida…now I wanna see everyone ‘Drop it low’ to Ester Dean…it’s gonna go off! Can’t help but move it!


~ by lorakaka on October 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Playlist Rotation Top 21”

  1. I love your playlist. It’s awesome. How long have you been listening to this mix?

    ~ C.H.
    Music news, artist reviews, and upcoming songs at the new Decibel Blog.

    • Thanks heaps 🙂
      Been listening to some of these songs since August but most are from the past month- can’t get them out of my head!!
      Just wondering how you heard/found this blog?

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